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An essential element in cuisines around the world, garlic enjoys near mythic status among cooks, chefs, foodies, and enthusiasts of natural remedies. Worldwide, garlic cultivation occupies over 2 million acres of farmland, an area that has more than doubled since 1970. Yet even garlic fanciers may be unable to tell hardneck from softneck, or Purple Stripe from Rocambole, not to mention the hundreds of cultivated varieties grown today, many with distinct differences in taste and character.

In fact, the wealth of garlic varieties in nearly a dozen horticultural groups rivals that of corn, carrots, apples, and peaches. This book is the most comprehensive and in-depth guide available to what surely should be the next gourmet frontier. From ‘Ajo Rojo’ to ‘Zemo’, Meredith presents illustrated profiles of nearly 150 cultivars. Detailed chapters cover natural history, the history of garlic in cultivation, the nuances of cuisine and culture, therapeutic benefits, plant structure, how to cultivate, curing and storage, taxonomy, pests and diseases, and chemistry.

Especially useful are the Quick Guides, which summarize information on growing and buying garlic and provide recommendations for the best-tasting cultivars for specific uses and climates. Lists of garlic sources and organizations are a boon to the aficionado.

Whether you share Ted Jordan Meredith’s “garlic affliction” or just find the pungent bulb indispensable, you’ll understand it as never before with this meticulously researched, lovingly written exploration

Hardcover. 332pp. 194 color photos, 10 line drawings


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A comprehensive guide to the vegetable, including its history, cultivation, and cultural use. La Cucina Italiana 20080701 Verve and thoroughness are evident in this outstanding work. Highly recommended. -- Bonnie Poquette Library Journal 20080701 The aroma of garlic nearly wafts from the pages of this delectable book. ... Where this book breaks ground is in the idea of growing garlic ornamentally as well as in its precise information on how to harvest and store this most pungent of bulbs ... and the photos are stunning. -- Valerie Easton Seattle Times 20081012 No ordinary book on garlic. It is a literary masterpiece, a reference book, a grower's bible, a summary of garlic research explained in layman's terms, and one that is a 'must' for any garlic lover's library. -- Paul Pospisil The Garlic News 20080101 Imagine my delight when I received a copy of ... this very informative book. ... Meredith goes into depth about the many varieties available ... and the photographs illuminate just how beautiful garlic can be. If I ever grow my own garlic, this is the book I'll use as a reference. -- Esther Sung 20081029 The most comprehensive and in-depth guide available to what surely should be the next gourmet frontier. Fort Bend Lifestyles & Homes 20081201 Few books qualify as coffee table books, and botanical manuscripts, and cultural guides, and cooking guides. The Complete Book of Garlic does all these, and more. Maine Organic Farmer and Observer 20090301 Meredith asserts that if your only experience with garlic is the mediocre grocery store variety, you have been missing out. -- Viveka Neveln American Gardener 20090501 Admirably expands our view of the world of garlic. It answers many of the mysteries about garlic, provides invaluable practical advice, and certainly celebrates its diversity. -- Joan Edwards Gastronomica 20090701