The Butterflies of the Peak District


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The Butterflies of the Peak District Author: Format: Paperback Published By:  Seven Stones Publishing ISBN: 8010000003200 Categories: , ,

Butterflies are easily the most enchanting and widely loved of all British insects. They flutter through our woodlands and meadows, in a kaleidoscope of dazzling colours. Coupled with their beauty, their life-cycle is nothing short of miraculous. Their metamorphosis from earthbound caterpillar to winged butterfly is a wonder of nature and symbolic to many people. In the Peak District National Park in central England we are lucky to have a wide variety of butterfly species. Byron Machin has spent his summers visiting every corner of the Peaks to survey the butterfly populations. Inside The Butterflies of the Peak District he guides you through every species and the numerous nature reserves where you are likely to see them. Also included are 10 guided walks and background information on butterflies in science, nature and folklore, accompanied by Byron’s stunning photographs.

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