The Book of Trespass: Crossing the lines that divide us


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The Book of Trespass: Crossing the lines that divide us Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
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Barbed wire across fields, padlocked gates, ‘trespassers will be prosecuted’ signs: Britain is a land of fences. Who owns these fences, and what does it mean if we cross them? In The Book of Trespass, Nick Hayes takes us on a journey of trespass across Britain. He jumps over walls at baronial estates, wanders into fenced off ancient woodland, trespasses onto the Queen’s land at Windsor and pushes through barbed wire to access MoD property. He examines the social history of property, from the Norman Conquest to the enclosure acts and the privatisation of land.

Along the way he asks crucial questions: what has the mass fencing off of private land done to Britain and its inhabitants? Why is the transgression of boundaries thought so severe here, when roaming is a legal right in so many countries? And who even drew these lines in the first place? A fusion of psychogeography, history, politics and philosophy, fuelled by a gently anarchic spirit, The Book of Trespass is a powerful rumination on how fences represent the division in our society, but also cause it.

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What a brilliant, passionate and political book this is, by a young writer-walker-activist who is also a dazzlingly gifted artist. It tells - through story, exploration, evocation - the history of trespass (and therefore of freedom) in Britain and beyond, while also making a powerful case for future change. It is bold and brave, as well as beautiful; Hayes's voice is warm, funny, smart and inspiring. The Book of Trespass will make you see landscapes differently -- Robert Macfarlane Seeks to challenge and expose the mesmerising power that landownership exerts on this country, and to show how we can challenge its presumptions . . . The Book of Trespass is massively researched but lightly delivered, a remarkable and truly radical work, loaded with resonant truths and stunningly illustrated by the author -- George Monbiot * Guardian * A powerful new narrative about the vexed issue of land rights . . . Hayes [is] practically a professional trespasser these days, no sign too forbidding to be ignored, no fence too high to be climed . . . The Book of Trespass is [Hayes's] first non-graphic book - though the text is punctuated by his marvellous illustations, linocuts that bring to mind the Erics, Gill and Ravilious - and in it, he weaves several centuries of English history together with the stories of gypsies, witches, ramblers, migrants and campaigners, as well as his own adventures. Its sweep is vast * Observer * Brilliantly argued, The Book of Trespass explores with clarity and courage an ancient problem in radically new ways . . . Hayes unearths the psychological preconditions that empower and legitimise these monumental inequalities -- Mark Cocker * New Statesman * Exhilarating . . . A gorgeously written, deeply researched and merrily provocative tour of English landscape, history and culture -- Boyd Tonkin * Arts Desk * Hayes is an alert, inquisitive observer . . . He works also in the tradition of nature writers like Robert Macfarlane ... This sensibility gives him a poetic sense of the different ways that we might use and share the land to the benefit of all . . . Beyond its demand for specific, concrete changes to the law on what land we may step onto and for what purposes, this book is a call for a re-enchantment of the culture of nature * Tribune Magazine * Hayes is practised at pushing through overgrown thickets of law to uncover hidden structures of power and privilege. His book's historical range stretches across centuries . . . The Book of Trespass is incisive, impassioned and beautifully written * Times Literary Supplement * A trespasser's radical manifesto . . . A book dedicated to demolishing boundaries of all kinds . . . Each chapter includes a double-page black-and-white landscape, rendered with a thrilling air of motion and immediacy . . . Hayes has picked apart the meaning of "trespass" and brilliantly redefined it as an act of solidarity * Guardian * A stirring appeal for us to freely access the land closed off to the public . . . By trespassing on the land, Hayes takes us on a roller-coaster ride through history . . . His book is an example of nature writing at its best but it has real political bite ... [A book] to relish and learn from * Morning Star *

Author Biography

Nick Hayes is an author, illustrator, print-maker and political cartoonist. He has published four graphic novels with Jonathan Cape and has worked for, among others, the Literary Review, Time Out, the British Council, the New Statesman and the Guardian. He has exhibited across the country, including at the Hayward Gallery. He lives in London.