The Black Flies (Simuliidae) of North America


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The Black Flies (Simuliidae) of North America Authors: , , Illustrators: Ralph M. Idema, Lawrence W. Zettler Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Cornell University Press Pages: 960 Illustrations and other contents: 255 maps, 97 halftones, 887 line drawings, 150 color illustrations in a 24-page insert, 13 tables Language: English ISBN: 9780801424984 Categories: , ,

A ROM Publication in ScienceA Comstock Book Published in association with the Royal Ontario MuseumThere is much more to black flies than you can learn in the woods on a warm spring day. This book compiles the authors’ previously unpublished research and nearly all of the published information on North American black flies. All aspects of black flies are treated within the context of a worldwide perspective, including natural history and ecology, cytology and morphology, phylogeny and classification, economic impact, pest management, natural enemies, history of research, study methods, and identification. Each of the 254 species known from the continent north of Mexico, including 43 new species, is treated in detail. Each species account summarizes all pertinent information on taxonomy, morphology, cytology, physiology, molecular systematics, and bionomics. The book is copiously illustrated with more than 1,100 figures, including color drawings of larvae and adult thoraxes, by some of the world’s foremost scientific illustrators. Additional figures and photographs show chromosomal and morphological features, portraits of important researchers, control efforts, natural enemies, oviposition behavior, and cladograms. Detailed distribution maps show the range of each species.A Comstock Book published in Association with the Royal Ontario Museum

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"The social and economic impact of black flies makes particularly interesting reading covering a condition called black fly stiff neck in Eastern Canada and black fly fever of humans in NE of the United States.... This is a fine, scholarly book, which is also readily affordable, and a 'must buy' for all self-respecting black fly specialists." * Parasitology * "This is a landmark publication.... This book is a labour of love for which the authors must be congratulated and thanked. Everyone interested in black flies, will need access to this mine of information, and any entomologists working on the Simuliidae with the North American continent should certainly buy it, as it will become the standard work. Given the variety of topics covered and the importance of black flies, the book will also be a valuable resource for entomologists of all specialities." -- Robert A. Cheke * British Journal of Entomology and Natural History *

Author Biography

Peter H. Adler is Professor of Entomology at Clemson University. Douglas C. Currie is Curator of Entomology at the Royal Ontario Museum. D. Monty Wood is Research Associate with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa. Daniel H. Janzen is Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he holds the Thomas E. and Louise G. DiMaura Term Chair in Conservation Biology. Ralph M. Idema is a biologist, biomedical illustrator, and entrepreneur. Lawrence W. Zettler is Associate Professor and Chair of the Biology Department at Illinois College and a Research Associate at The Marie Selby Botanical Garden and The Morton Arboretum.