The Bee Orchids of Greece – The genus Ophrys.


The Bee Orchids of Greece – The genus Ophrys. Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Mediterraneo Editions
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Dscribes 124 species, subspecies and varieties of the Ophrys genus accompanied by more than 650 photographs.

The self-sowing (wild) orchids are amongst the most admired plants of the world, with the Greek species numbering almost 200. Of these, a little more than half belong to the Ophrys genus, the only one in which the attraction of insect pollinators is accomplished through the sexual deception of certain species of male insects. The mode of presentation, with comparisons between similar species, emphasis on the main characteristics and photographic documentation of the above, defines the character of the book which constitutes a monograph on the genus and, at the same time, a useful field guide.

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