The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland. A Companion Guide


The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland. A Companion Guide Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Sandstone Press Pages: 192 ISBN: 9781910124925 Categories: ,

The ancient pinewoods of Scotland occupy some of the most remote reaches of the Highlands and provide traveller with a variety of challenging paths along historic routes. This companion guide is intended for woodland walkers to accompany them in their explorations. Abridged from the original The Ancient Pinewoods of Scotland hardback edition it provides descriptions of each site with full travel notes and map details.

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'Magical landscapes, resonating with almost primal echoes from their thousands of years of life.'-Vanessa Collingridge; 'Detailed, useful; frankly inspired.'-Scots Magazine; 'A remarkable and important contribution to the natural history of Scotland.'-Aubrey Mannin; '...very informative, bang-up-to-date guide.'-Scotland Outdoors; 'Clifton Bain's book had taken me to some wonderful woods that were new to me and told me much about them.'-Chris Townsend; 'A very useful book and welcome addition to the pocket wherever you may go.'-Ray Collier

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Clifton Bain lives in Edinburgh and has over 25 years of experience working on environmental issues with the wildlife charity RSPB. Now Director of the IUCN Peatland Programme, his writing gives a personal and passionate insight into the human interventions that have shaped Scotland's wildlife and landscape.