Taxonomy and Plant Conservation


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Taxonomy and Plant Conservation Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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This book illustrates the key role played by taxonomy in the conservation and sustainable utilisation of plant biodiversity. With contributions by many distinguished botanists and taxonomists, it is a tribute to the work of Professor Vernon Heywood who has done so much to highlight the importance of sound scholarship, training and collaboration for plant conservation. Divided into four parts, the book opens with an overview of the place of taxonomy in science and in implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity. Part 2 outlines the theoretical basis of taxonomy, how it is done and how it contributes to measuring diversity. The third part explains how taxonomy is used to establish conservation priorities and actions and the concluding part illustrates taxonomy in the practice and measurement of effective conservation action.


Peter Crane, Laura Pleasants, Alan Paton, China Williams, Kate Davis, Tod F. Stuessy, James Cullen, Max Walters, Santiago Castroviejo, R. K. Brummitt, Ghillean T. Prance, Christopher Humphries, Dominique Richard, Doug Evans, Melpomeni Skoula, Christopher B. Johnson, Renee J. Grayer, David Bramwell, T. C. G. Rich, John R. Akeroyd, John Dransfield, Alastair Culham, H. Noel McGough, Stephen Blackmore, David S. Paterson, Etelka Leadlay, Peter Wyse Jackson, Julia Willison, Paul Smith, Stephen Jury

365pp. 175x245mm. Figs and photos. Paperback.

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