Systematics Association Special Volume Series: Series Number 87: Interactions in the Marine Benthos: Global Patterns and Processes


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Systematics Association Special Volume Series: Series Number 87: Interactions in the Marine Benthos: Global Patterns and Processes Editors: Katrin Bohn, Louise B. Firth, Stephen J. Hawkins, Gray A. Williams Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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Pages: 534 Illustrations and other contents: Worked examples or Exercises; 12 Plates, color; 36 Halftones, black and white; 78 Line drawings, black and white Language: English ISBN: 9781108416085 Categories: , , , , , , , ,

The synthesis of the Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conference (ABEC) 2015 which was held to assess scientific progress over the past 25 years, this book provides a comprehensive and global review of work since the 1992 publication of ‘Plant-Animal Interactions in the Marine Benthos’. Taking a regional and, where appropriate, habitat perspective, it considers sites of coastal biodiversity from around the world to incorporate a global approach. The volume analyses abiotic and biotic interactions and the factors determining distribution patterns, community structure and ecosystem functioning of coastal systems. It explores themes of how phylogeography and biogeographic process influence assemblage composition, and hence drive community structure and the respective roles of environmental factors and biological interactions, with the overall goal to establish how general are the processes in different regions and habitats. For researchers, graduate students and academics studying coastal ecosystems, with interest for conservation practitioners managing areas of high biodiversity.

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'… this book includes contributions by over 100 investigators on the benthic ecology of coasts of North America, Europe, the Mediterranean, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The editors have produced a meticulously organized, well-crafted volume that summarizes benthic interactions and references extensive literature for the areas of interest.' F. T. Manheim, Choice 'This is a valuable volume for the scientifically literate public and for marine ecologists and biologists at all levels. The descriptions of species assemblages, interactions, and biogeographic patterns will satisfy the curiosity of advanced marine life enthusiasts. The overviews or knowledge gap sections concluding each chapter represent fertile ground for new research ideas and should be read by students, faculty, and conservation professionals. Anyone interested in global change in the oceans would be better informed by reading this book.' Jon D. Witman, The Quarterly Review of Biology