Sustainable Bioconversion of Waste to Value Added Products


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Sustainable Bioconversion of Waste to Value Added Products Editors: Inamuddin, Anish Khan Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
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Pages: 393 Illustrations and other contents: 109 Illustrations, color; 24 Illustrations, black and white; VI, 393 p. 133 illus., 109 illus. in color. Language: English ISBN: 9783030618360 Categories: ,

This edited book discusses various processes of feedstocks bioconversion such as bioconversion of food waste, human manure, industrial waste, beverage waste, kitchen waste, organic waste, fruit and vegetable, poultry waste, solid waste, agro-industrial waste, cow dung, steroid, lignocellulosic residue, biomass, natural gas etc. Nowadays, the industrial revolution and urbanization have made human life comfortable. However, this requires excess usage of natural resources starting from food and food products, to energy resources, materials as well as chemicals. The excess use of natural resources for human comfort is expected to high fuel prices, decline natural resources as well as cause a huge hike in the cost of raw materials. These factors are pushing researchers to grow environmentally friendly processes and techniques based on inexpensive and sustainable feedstock to accomplish such worldwide targets. Bioconversion, otherwise called biotransformation, is the change of natural materials, for example, plant or animal waste, into usable items or energy sources by microorganisms. Bioconversion is an environmentally friendly benevolent choice to supplant the well-established chemical procedures utilized these days for the production of chemicals and fuels. A variety of alternatives advancements are being considered and are directly accessible to acquire diverse valuable end-products through bioprocesses. This book discusses in detail the process and techniques of bioconversion by focusing on the organic feedstock of animal and plant origin. It brings solutions to the bioconversion of various feedstock into value-added products.  

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