Spiders of the World


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Spiders of the World Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Facts On File Inc Pages: 192 Illustrations and other contents: 100 colour and b&w photographs, line illustrations, maps, index, further reading Language: English ISBN: 9780816052141 Categories: , ,

Although very few spiders are dangerous to humans, the group as a whole still provokes fear and loathing among many people. Spiders of the World describes these intriguing creatures with their highly individual life styles, their variety, and their beauty in a thought-provoking manner. The opening chapters on the structure of spiders and their relationships to each other and to invertebrates in general provide, in a very readable form, sufficient background for an appreciation of the subsequent chapters on behavior. Their astonishing defense mechanisms, particularly mimicry and camouflage, are also discussed.

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Author Biography

Rod Preston-Mafham and Ken Preston-Mafham are experienced writers and photographers of the living world. Their expertise is evident in their work as authors of Premaphotos Wildlife, one of the United Kingdom's leading natural history photographic libraries. Ken travels extensively, adding to their comprehensive natural history photographic library.