Spiders of North America


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Spiders of North America Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Princeton University Press
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Pages: 624 Illustrations and other contents: 2,830 color illus. 508 maps. Language: English ISBN: 9780691175614 Categories: , , , , ,

An accessible field guide to more than 500 of the most commonly found spider species in North America Of the more than 49,000 species of spider worldwide, some 4,000 are in North America. Spiders of North America explores more than 500 of the most common and interesting spiders found in this region of the world. This richly illustrated guide begins with an overview of spiders-what they are exactly, how they can be found, how they develop, and why they are important.

The book features information on all the major spider guilds: sensing web weavers, sheet web weavers, orb web weavers, space web weavers, ambush hunters, ground active hunters, other active hunters, and spider hunters. Chapters contain accessible descriptions for identifying members of each spider family, including helpful tips for distinguishing members of similar families, and details at the genus and species levels.

  • Stunning colour photographs and informative distribution maps accompany the text.
  • Useful descriptions for identification of each spider family
  • Stunningly detailed macro and in-situ photographs Information on all the major spider guilds
  • Handy distribution maps
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"Indispensable. Rose gives professional biologists and interested amateurs everything they need to go a-spidering."---Robert Eagan, Library Journal "The book is fabulously illustrated from cover to cover."---David Gascoigne, Travels with Birds