Spiders: Learning to love them


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Spiders: Learning to love them Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Allen & Unwin Pages: 288 Language: English ISBN: 9781741751796 Categories: , , , ,

Spiders are everywhere. No matter how clean, how stark, how sterile your home, the spiders will come. Spiderlings will balloon in and wait for the insects that will appear. Adult spiders will walk in. As you destroy one, another will take its place. Spiders are like that. Lynne Kelly introduces us to the hairy, but not so scary, creatures that share our homes and gardens. Answering questions like: how do spiders build webs? is the daddy long-legs the most venomous spider in the world? is arachnid romance really so cutthroat? Lynne guides us through the myth and mystery that surrounds spiders, finally looking at the dreaded bite itself. By observing and studying spiders in the world around her, and learning from experts and biologists, Lynne came to love these misunderstood members of the animal kingdom. As well as being an authoritative book on spiders this is a personal account of conquering arachnophobia and how any arachnophobe can do the same.

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"Superbly readable and exceptionally well-researched." "Choice" on "Crocodile"" "This is a book with a clear message. Spiders are simply fascinating." "Weekly Times"" "Kelly's treatment is clever, entertaining and complete, making this a fine read and a great example of species history done right." "Publishers Weekly" on "Crocodile" "

Author Biography

Lynne Kelly is an ex-science teacher who has written a number of educational textbooks. She has written a novel for Lothian and two popular science books for Allen & Unwin: Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal and Crocodile.