Soil Design Protocols for Landscape Architects and Contractors


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Soil Design Protocols for Landscape Architects and Contractors Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: John Wiley
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Real-world guidance to ensuring the longevity of soil used in landscape projects

Natural soils are very fragile, and changing the use or design of a landscape increases the number of environmental variables that contend with the planting soil. Not all projects require a soil consultant, but the success and longevity of a landscape project requires that landscape architects and contractors be capable of developing and installing suitable planting soils. Now, in one convenient reference, Soil Design Protocols for Landscape Architects and Contractors provides step-by-step, technical skill sets for implementing productive planting soils for a variety of projects.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in soils, forestry, micrometeorology, geomorphology, and agronomy, this book’s authorial team presents:
* A succinct introduction to the physical and chemical properties that pertain to all planting soils
* Informative descriptions of how a project evolves from site investigation to construction administration
* Quick, easy-to-read procedures organized in the standard landscape architect stages of a project
* Step-by-step templates to use from a project’s inception to completion
* The latest material on such specialized design elements as rooftops, intensely designed elements, and treatment wetlands, as well as pervious poured concrete, pervious pavers, and the supporting soil.

339 pages
Illustrations & B&W Photos inc 17 colour plates.

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