Sharks and Rays of Australia


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Sharks and Rays of Australia Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: CSIRO Publishing
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The waters around Australia are home to the greatest diversity of sharks and rays on Earth. Spookfish, numbfish, stingarees, fiddler rays and cookie-cutter sharks are just some of the 322 shark, ray and chimaerid species illustrated in the latest edition of Sharks and Rays of Australia. Australia’s sharks, rays and chimaerids – collectively known as Chondrichthyans – are just as intriguing as their names suggest. Their eclectic colours, shapes and patterns reflect environments ranging from remote estuaries to ocean depths. Their new descriptions, and their striking portraits by watercolourist Roger Swainston, will help to guide the identification and conservation of these diverse species. The first edition of Sharks and Rays of Australia was produced in 1994. Since then, 29 species have been discovered in Australian seas and more than 100 species have been named and formally described. As well as documenting these advances, the new edition includes updated species classifications and descriptions, distribution maps, line illustrations by Georgina Davis, family keys and outlines of Chondrichthyan biology and interactions with humans. The book catalogues a rich seam of Australia’s marine biodiversity, providing an indispensible compendium for scientists and a baseline reference for the fishing industry. Sharks and Rays of Australia is an essential reference for professional and recreational fishermen, divers, naturalists, students, fish and conservation biologists, and anyone interested in sharks and rays.

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