Sedge (Cyperaceae) Genera of Africa and Madagascar


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Sedge (Cyperaceae) Genera of Africa and Madagascar Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Matador Publishing
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Sedges (of the plant family Cyperaceae) can appear seemingly insignificant. On closer inspection, however, their hidden, complex and remarkable constructive design is revealed.

In order to facilitate identification of the 63 genera occurring in Africa and Madagascar, Sedge (Cyperaceae) Genera of Africa and Madagascar includes, for the first time, photographs of the living sedge plants in their natural habitats and line drawings of their morphology. Additionally, photographs of small fruits, as they appear under a microscope, are included as well as full botanical descriptions, so that a detailed assessment of these plants is possible.

The genera illustrated and accounted for here, carry the names that were applied at the turn of the century. Most of these names are still in use today, however, due to recent and on-going research there have been changes, not only to genera, but also to species within these genera. A list of these name changes is included so that the work is fully up to date at this time.

Sedges are widely distributed in a number of diverse habitats (most often found in wetlands and on the margins of lakes, rivers and streams). Sedge (Cyperaceae) Genera of Africa and Madagascar focuses on those genera occurring in Africa and Madagascar, however, as these plants are also represented on other continents, the taxonomic tools for identification presented here will be useful to those further afield.

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Author Biography

Jane (B.Sc., P.G.C.E, M.Sc., Ph.D.) is author and illustrator of publications on Cyperaceae in numerous scientific journals. Although retired, she is Visiting Honorary Research Associate at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Paul (B.Sc., M.Sc., Dr.Sci.) is director of the Botanical Garden and professor of Botany at the Ghent University (Belgium). He has published widely, is often cited, and is a leading world authority on Cyperaceae. Through his work for the botanic garden and his teaching of botany for a wide audience, he has gained a knowledge of the flora worldwide.