Seaweed: Ecology, Nutrient Composition & Medicinal Uses


Seaweed: Ecology, Nutrient Composition & Medicinal Uses Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Nova Science Publishers Inc Pages: 262 Language: English ISBN: 9781614708780 Category:

Plant extracts have been utilised for treatment in medical conditions since ancient times. The decision to use these natural agents was initially supported only by empirical knowledge and/or common-sense. More recently, a body of scientific literature has been generated which confirms a biological basis for these types of medical effects. This book provides a summary of trends in biochemical/pharmacological research concerning seaweeds; an in-depth discussion of nutritional values and pharmaceutical effects of seaweed components and ecological factors responsible for altering algal systems and the possible anabolisms of these bioactive samples are described. The broad-range medicinal use of some seaweed components is reported as well.

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