Scotland’s Beginnings: Scotland Through Time


Scotland’s Beginnings: Scotland Through Time Authors: , Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: NMSE - Publishing Ltd
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Pages: 72 Illustrations and other contents: 120 colour illus Language: English ISBN: 9781901663266 Category:

What would we have seen if we looked out over the landscape of Scotland at its very beginning, before the impact of mankind? What would it be like to swim in the Jurassic sea? Or stand early one morning in the dragon-fly haunted coal forests of the Midland Valley? This book captures in words, drawings, paintings and photographs the dramatic sceneries – erupting volcanoes, colliding continents – and ever-changing landscape of Scotland. A second volume by Andrew Kitchener, describing the origins of wildlife in Scotland, is scheduled for 2006.

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'... a superbly illustrated, information-packed booklet. A strong feature of the book is the inclusion of many excellent photographs of named localities with information about their wildlife, which makes you want to jump straightaway into your car and head for Scotland.'British Journal of Entomology and Natural History'... Detailed without being overwhelming, it is a very well-written guide. It is also beautifully illustrated with 120 images comprising photos of spectacular scenery, specimens and thin sections, alongside artistic reconstructions and handy diagrams.'Geological Curator

Author Biography

Dr Michael A Taylor is Principal Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontlogy; Dr Andrew C Kitchener is Principal Curator of Birds and Mammals, both National Museums Scotland.