Scientific Unit Conversion: A Practical Guide to Metrication


Scientific Unit Conversion: A Practical Guide to Metrication Author: Editor: M. J. Shields Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Springer London Ltd Pages: 488 Illustrations and other contents: 469 Illustrations, black and white; XVI, 488 p. 469 illus. With online files/update. Language: English ISBN: 9781852330439 Category:

Expanded, revised and updated here, this detailed guide is truly unique, giving accurate metric equivalents and conversion factors for no fewer than 10,000 scientific units with detailed descriptions of over 2,000. It covers the whole spectrum of science, technology and medicine, and deals with US, British, conventional metric, historic and SI units. The pocket-sized format and slot-in user guide bookmark makes it handy and user-friendly, a great time-saver, and a perfect addition to any research department, engineers , scientists or students library.

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From the reviews: "... A gem for engineers, scientists, historians, journalists..." (NEW SCIENTIST) "... This is one of the most complete lists of conversion factors I have seen ..." (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROGRESS) "... This is an extraordinary book ....which under a reduced volume. ... permits the conversion of any type of Measure ..." (JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY)