Saving the Last Rhinos: The Life of a Frontline Conservationist


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Saving the Last Rhinos: The Life of a Frontline Conservationist Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Little Brown Book Group Pages: 352 Illustrations and other contents: full colour 16-page plate section Language: English ISBN: 9781472142535 Categories: , , , ,

Each year, more than one thousand rhinoceroses are killed – in South Africa alone. There are fewer than 18,000 white rhinos and only 5,000 black rhinos left alive in the wild. The situation with regard to this corrupt, illegal war on wildlife is clearly critical. And what are rhinos killed for? Their horns – sold in shavings as a snake-oil ‘cure’ for colds or impotence. The going price is $16,000 a kilogram, but a rhino’s horn is simply keratin, the same material as our fingernails, with no magical, medicinal properties. Grant Fowlds is a passionate conservationist on the front line of protecting these iconic animals – right now, against armed poachers; but in the longer term, too, through his work with schoolchildren, communities and policymakers. He is fiercely focused on highlighting the alarming increase in rhino poaching, a scourge which has put these mighty animals at serious threat of extinction. He is a partner of Rhino Art, founded by philanthropic adventurer Kingsley Holgate. Rhino Art’s ‘Let the children’s voices be heard’ project aims to gather the largest number of children’s ‘Art Voices’ ever recorded, in support of rhino protection, and to use these heartfelt messages from the children of Africa and elsewhere in the world as a rallying cry against rhino poaching. Grant works closely with all the biggest local and global conservation agencies, including the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). He has hosted Prince Harry at his family’s game lodge, Leeuwenbosch, and the prince is very supportive of Grant’s work.

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A truly heart-wrenching story, but a must-read for all who value our wild animals and their right to roam free. Grant Fowlds is a Zulu in a white skin and loves the people who hold the key to animal conservation. This is an intriguing story that sends a clear message to the rest of the world. -- Phil Liggett A terrific read . . . an outstanding book! -- Gary Player and Vivienne Player A rollicking true-life adventure that celebrates rhinos and people. -- Guy Rogers * Daily Herald * Exceptionally readable - a fluid and captivating story . . . a swashbuckling tale. -- Dr Dave Cooper, Rhinos Without Borders veterinarian, and Debbie Cooper of iSimangaliso Wetland Park Grant Fowlds' book is an excellent read. It's both sobering, and uplifting at the same time. Sobering because the sheer extent of the rhino-poaching crisis is revealed. Uplifting because Grant, and individuals like him are passionately committed to making a difference. The innovative ways in which they reach the hearts and minds of children, on both sides of the conflict, is impressive. As, too, is his work with communities and other stakeholders. -- Moira Smith, General Manager Africa & Middle East, Goway Travel Grant Fowlds' tireless effort to educate the children of the world, conserve vast expanses of land and save the last rhinos, is truly awe inspiring. As he travels through Africa, gaining the trust of local governments and councils, we start to understand the scope of his undertakings. He reaches out to organizations around the world to aid him in his progress to expand anti-poaching projects, elephant-relocation programmes and even to assist with bringing the lesser-known, glorious gorillas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the attention of the world. But at the forefront of it all, he is doing all he can to Save the Last Rhinos. We, as a race, need to wake up and get on this train. The more we, as individuals, can do to rally support and spread the word, the better chance we have of not seeing the demise and eventual extinction, not only of rhinos, but of all endangered animals. The rehabilitation and conservation of land in Africa is a vital part of this progress, and Grant Fowlds and his team are at the forefront of this war. Read this book. You will get a sense of Africa like never before, from a true African soul. -- David S. Lee, Limbani in the blockbuster movie Black Panther

Author Biography

Grant Fowlds (Author) GRANT FOWLDS is a South African conservationist with a unique commitment to everything endangered. Grant's vision is to try to fill the shoes of the late elephant whisperer Lawrence Anthony and his recent undercover filming of a tusk and horn auction in Vietnam demonstrates that he is on the right track. Graham Spence (Author) GRAHAM SPENCE is a journalist and editor. Originally from South Africa, he lives in England. Together he and his brother-in-law, conservationist Lawrence Anthony, wrote The Elephant Whisperer, the story of the incredible relationship forged between one man and a herd of wild African elephants. Other books with Lawrence Anthony include Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo, and The Last Rhinos: The Powerful Story of One Man's Battle to Save a Species.