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RSPB Spotlight Seals Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC Pages: 128 Illustrations and other contents: 200 colour photos Language: English ISBN: 9781472971623 Categories: , , , , ,

Seals are the sleekest and most agile of all marine mammals, and they are superbly adapted to the watery world in which they spend most of their time. With their whiskery dog-like faces, curious nature and vulnerable pups, they are enduringly appealing animals. Although air-breathing, seals are superbly tuned to hunt, sleep, mate and keep warm while out at sea, but they remain inextricably linked to land. In Spotlight Seals, Frances Dipper explores the intricate lives of the UK’s native Grey and Common Seals and their amazing physical and behavioural adaptations to a life split between land and sea. She reveals the complex physiology that allows seals to dive deep and for long periods without coming to any harm. Once exploited for their meat and skins, seals now have protection around the British Isles. Their numbers are increasing, but they still face the danger of plastic litter in their environment. Dipper also explores age-old legends, interactions between humans and seals, and the best places to watch them in the UK. The Spotlight series introduces readers to the lives and behaviour of our favourite animals with eye-catching colour photographs and informative expert text.

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Author Biography

Frances Dipper is an independent marine biologist, author and lecturer and has been diving and studying marine wildlife for over 40 years. She writes both children's and adult books on marine life and ocean environments, contributes a regular marine report to the British Wildlife magazine and wrote the award-winning DK Guide to the Oceans. Her most ambitious (and largest) recent book is The Marine World: A Natural History of Marine Life. Although no longer scuba diving, she still finds plenty to fascinate her along Britain's wonderful shoreline.