Routing, a woodworker’s guide


Routing, a woodworker’s guide Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: GMC Publications
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The router is no ordinary power tool. With the right accessories, jigs and work aids, this versatile machine can be used for virtually any woodworking task, from smoothing surfaces and trimming edges to making joints and cutting grooves. Used correctly, it can transform the way you work and improve your enjoyment of the making process as a whole. Whether you are interested in bench woodworking and are thinking of buying a router, or simply want to get the most from an existing machine, Routing–A Woodworker’s Guide is ideal for woodworkers of all abilities. The contents provide an in-depth guide to the equipment and how it is used, covering topics such as basic router anatomy, cutters, accessories, safety, dust extraction, table routing and work holding. Ultimately, the router’s creative potential depends on the jigs you use. Projects include: large router table, housing jig, small circle jig and end-trimming jig.

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