Roots – A Field Guide For Identification


Roots – A Field Guide For Identification Authors: , Format: Spiral bound First Published: Published By: Arboricultural Association
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A groundbreaking new field guide. Now available in English for the first time. What do roots look like? Is it possible to find out in the field which tree species a root belongs to? The appearance of tree roots has barely been studied, but by increasing our knowledge and understanding, we can ensure that more trees are preserved. This book gives a unique insight into what the roots of different trees look like, exploring a hitherto little-described underground world. Roots from 45 species of street and park trees are featured in photographs accompanied by descriptions of each example’s anatomical characteristics, habit and, in some cases, scent. The book is practically oriented and allows you to identify roots in the field, whether you are a professional or just curious about one of the most important parts of the tree – the underground system, where nutrients, water and oxygen exchange happen to create the basis for everything we see above ground.

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Author Biography

  • Olve Lundetræ is a landscape gardener and arborist. His daily work involves pruning and felling trees, as well as monitoring excavation work near trees. He is a co-owner and works in Akertrepleie AS. He has won the Norwegian tree-climbing championship four times.
  • Kristin Moldestad is a plant scientist and arborist. She works as a consultant arborist, specialising in preserving trees in urban areas. She also teaches arboriculture at Fagskolen Vestland, a vocational school in Norway, and advises at the non-profit organisation FAGUS, focusing on sustainable tree management.