Rainfed Farming Systems


Rainfed Farming Systems Editors: Colin Birch, Ian Cooper, Ian Partridge, Philip Tow Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer-Verlag New York Inc. Pages: 1336 Illustrations and other contents: 263 Illustrations, black and white; XVIII, 1336 p. 263 illus. Language: English ISBN: 9781402091315 Categories: , , , , ,

While a good grasp of the many separate aspects of agriculture is important, it is equally essential for all those involved in agriculture to understand the functioning of the farming system as a whole and how it can be best managed. It is necessary to re-assess and understand rain-fed farming systems around the world and to find ways to improve the selection, design and operation of such systems for long term productivity, profitability and sustainability. The components of the system must operate together efficiently; yet many of the relationships and interactions are not clearly understood. Appreciation of these matters and how they are affected by external influences or inputs are important for decision making and for achieving desirable outcomes for the farm as a whole. This book analyses common rain-fed farming systems and defines the principles and practices important to their effective functioning and management.

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From the reviews: "The book contains the latest information on the subject area and is produced by experts in the field. ... Well-written and indexed, the abstracts and/or conclusions for each ... chapters provide a rapid way of assimilating the presented information. ... a unique reference book for anyone involved in this form of water-limited agriculture. It is particularly suited to undergraduate and postgraduate students and deserves a place in most university and research institute libraries as well as on farmers' shelves. In summary, an excellent book." (Davey Jones, Experimental Agriculture, Vol. 48 (3), 2012)

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