Radioactive Air Sampling Methods


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Radioactive Air Sampling Methods Editors: Mark D. Hoover, Mark L. Maiello Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Inc Pages: 600 Illustrations and other contents: over 450 equations; 42 Tables, black and white; 130 Illustrations, black and white Language: English ISBN: 9780849397172 Categories: ,

Although the field of radioactive air sampling has matured and evolved over decades, it has lacked a single resource that assimilates technical and background information on its many facets. Edited by experts and with contributions from top practitioners and researchers, Radioactive Air Sampling Methods provides authoritative guidance on measuring airborne radioactivity from industrial, research, and nuclear power operations, as well as naturally occuring radioactivity in the environment. Designed for industrial hygienists, air quality experts, and heath physicists, the book delves into the applied research advancing and transforming practice with improvements to measurement equipment, human dose modeling of inhaled radioactivity, and radiation safety regulations. To present a wide picture of the field, it covers the international and national standards that guide the quality of air sampling measurements and equipment. It discusses emergency response issues, including radioactive fallout and the assets used to assess airborne radioactive emergencies. The book includes a comprehensive series of air sampling methods for commonly encountered radioactive isotopes in the industrial environment that detail the steps to conducting a proper air sampling study. With coverage of fundamental air sampling techniques and practical knowledge, the book provides insight into the contemporary thinking of experts, the maturity of the field, and its deep literature base. Building a bridge between the science behind air sampling and its practice, it supplies the know-how required to achieve technically rigorous air sampling data.

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"I find this book very interesting and very useful." -Adan M. Pena, HEALTH PHYSICS, DEC 2011, VOL 101, #6

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