Public Gardens and Livable Cities: Partnerships Connecting People, Plants, and Place


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Public Gardens and Livable Cities: Partnerships Connecting People, Plants, and Place Authors: , , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Cornell University Press
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Public Gardens and Livable Cities changes the paradigm for how we conceive of the role of urban public gardens. Donald A. Rakow, Meghan Z. Gough, and Sharon A. Lee advocate for public gardens as community outreach agents that can, and should, partner with local organizations to support positive local agendas. Safe neighborhoods, quality science education, access to fresh and healthy foods, substantial training opportunities, and environmental health are the key initiative areas explored, highlighting model successes and instructive failures that can guide future practices. Public Gardens and Livable Cities uses a prescriptive approach to synthesize a range of public, private, and nonprofit initiatives from municipalities throughout the country. In doing so, the authors examine the initiatives from a practical perspective to identify how they were implemented, their sustainability, the obstacles they encountered, the impact of the initiatives on their populations, and how they dealt with the communities’ underlying social problems. By emphasizing the knowledge and skills that public gardens can bring to partnerships seeking to improve the quality of life in cities, Public Gardens and Livable Cities offers a deeper understanding of the urban public garden as a key resource for sustainable community development.

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The case studies presented in the book are a very thorough representation of creative programs and partnerships. [T]he book is written using clear, crisp language and can be read in a relatively short amount of time. The case studies present a mix of modern, relevant, creative, focused initiatives that can clearly be used to develop policies and strategic partnerships for entire communities and are not just limited to community or public gardens. * Journal of Urban Affairs *

Author Biography

Donald A. Rakow is Associate Professor in the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He is coauthor of Nature Rx and Public Garden Management. Meghan Z. Gough is Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Sharon A. Lee is President of Sharon Lee & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in publications for and about public gardens. She is coauthor of Public Garden Management.