Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker: Smart Designs for Mastering Essential Skills


Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker: Smart Designs for Mastering Essential Skills Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Blue Hills Press
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Vic Tesolin’s Projects from the Minimailist Woodworker teaches the basics of furniture making using step-by-step photos detailing the process of building handsome projects any woodworker will be proud to create. A follow-up to Vic’s much-lauded first book, The Minimalist Woodworker, this book is a celebration of the small tool set needed to create beautiful work and and expansion of the techniques and skills learned in that first book. Like a seasoned woodworker lending a helping hand in the workshop, Vic Tesolin, aka “The Minimalist Woodworker,” is a master at demystifying the craft of woodworking so that anyone with any skill level can dive in and do good work. With Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker and even a modest toolset, anyone can develop their skill and enjoy unlimited hours in their shop. You’ll learn to build a variely to pieces including a handsome dovetailed box, a wall cabinet, a storage chest, and handy shop projects like a handplane and a marking knife.

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Author Biography

Vic Tesolin began his career in woodworking after serving 14 years in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. After an honourable discharge, he went on to study furniture design and making at Rosewood Studio under the guidance of some of North America's top furniture makers. Following that, he started a small business (Vic Tesolin Woodworks) designing and crafting furniture by commission while working at Rosewood as a part-time instructor and craftsman in residence.  He’s had the pleasure of holding various woodworking-related positions over the years. Following his job as editor for Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine, he became the Woodworking Advisor at Lee Valley Tools, where he helped develop tools and traveled around the globe to teach and present at various conferences, shows, and woodworking events. Tesolin has been published in several woodcraft journals including Fine Woodworking, Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement, and Australian Wood Review. He keeps a regular blog for Fine Woodworking Magazine and KJP Select Hardwoods, and is the author of two books: The Minimalist Woodworker and Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker, both published by Blue Hills Press.