Prescription and Non-prescription Drugs


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Prescription and Non-prescription Drugs Author: Editor: Alan Marzilli Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Chelsea House Publishers Pages: 120 Illustrations and other contents: illustrations Language: English ISBN: 9780791095522 Category:

The recall of Vioxx, a drug that has been blamed for thousands of deaths, focused attention on how well the government protects the public from dangerous drugs. A century ago, the science of medicine was primitive and there were virtually no drug laws. As people learned that some drugs on the market had deadly side effects, they prevailed on lawmakers to enact stronger regulations. Yet some also argue that increasing regulations has restricted access to low-cost and helpful medicines. By giving equal voice to both sides of the argument, “”Prescription and Non-prescription Drugs”” offers readers the chance to form their own opinion on this important issue.

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