Polish Herbs, Flowers & Folk Medicine: Revised Edition


Polish Herbs, Flowers & Folk Medicine: Revised Edition Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Hippocrene Books Inc.,U.S. Illustrations and other contents: color photographs and line drawings and Polish paper cut-out art; 50 Illustrations, unspecified Language: English ISBN: 9780781814140 Categories: , , , , , , , , ,

“Filled with illustrations and fascinating information, Polish Herbs, Flowers & Folk Medicine is a veritable treasure trove of history, how-to, and inspiration.”-The Midwest Book Review Taking the reader on a historical tour of herbs and flowers used in Poland throughout the centuries, this carefully-researched volume captures the unique history and role of plant life once essential to the people of Poland. Wander through monastery, castle and cottage gardens with acclaimed Polish-American author Sophie Hodorowicz Knab as she explores the growth of medicine and pharmacies and provides information on the use of over 100 plants, used in healing as well as in daily life and seasonal holidays throughout the year. You’ll find legends, cautionary tales, and love potions, as well as a chapter devoted to wedding plants and herbs. There are home remedies for everything that ailed the people of Poland, from acne to arthritis, relaxants to rejuvenators, and heartache to heartburn. Gleaned from old Polish herbals, Knab provides recipes for balms to treat ailments such as stress, insomnia, slow metabolism, perspiring feet, limp hair and oily skin. Also included are recipes for homemade herbal vinegars, soups, syrups, and liqueurs, including elderberry syrup, homemade Benedictine, and a healing vodka drink from Gdansk. This revised edition includes new information and research as well as new illustrations and color photographs. All plants are listed alphabetically according to their English common name, followed by Latin botanical name and common Polish name. There is an index of scientific names for quick reference. History buffs, gardeners, and anyone interested in their Polish ancestry will find much to explore here.

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Author Biography

Sophie Hodorowicz Knab is a noted Polish-American lecturer and author whose books include Polish Customs, Traditions & Folklore, Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook, and Wearing the Letter P: Polish Women as Forced Laborers in Nazi Germany, all published by Hippocrene Books. She is a contributor to the Polish American Journal and resides in Grand Island, New York.