Plant Microevolution and Conservation in Human-influenced Ecosystems – Hardback


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Plant Microevolution and Conservation in Human-influenced Ecosystems – Hardback Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press ISBN: 9780521818353 Category:

As human activities are increasingly domesticating the Earth’s ecosystems, new selection pressures are acting to produce winners and losers amongst our wildlife. With particular emphasis on plants, Briggs examines the implications of human influences on micro-evolutionary processes in different groups of organisms, including wild, weedy, invasive, feral, and endangered species. Using case studies from around the world, he argues that Darwinian evolution is ongoing. He considers how far it is possible to conserve endangered species and threatened ecosystems through management, and questions the extent to which damaged landscapes and their plant and animal communities can be precisely recreated or restored. Many of Darwin’s ideas are highlighted, including his insights into natural selection, speciation, the vulnerability of rare organisms, the impact of invasive species, and the effects of climate change on organisms. An important text for students and researchers of evolution, conservation, climate change and sustainable use of resources.

• Considers how neo-Darwinian concepts impact on the theory and practice of conservation in the context of climate change, alerting readers to the implications of this novel approach • Provides background information on basic elements of genetics, molecular methods, climate change, ecology and population biology, with particular reference to plants, serving as a useful guide for students • Case studies from a variety of countries make the book globally relevant.

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