Plant Ecology and Conservation


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Plant Ecology and Conservation Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Inc Illustrations and other contents: 63 Line drawings, color; 85 Halftones, color; 14 Tables, color; 148 Illustrations, color Language: English ISBN: 9780815344605 Categories: , , , , ,

Plant Ecology & Conservation is an introduction to the world of plant ecology. It includes the main areas of current research including ideas about plant populations, nutrition and plant community ecology and has a particular emphasis on the interactions of plants with animals, fungi and microorganisms whose important is being increasingly demonstrated. With the world’s environmental problems having such a high profile, the book focusses on the human impact on the world’s plant species. Conservation of the terrestrial world starts with plants as they form the basis of all ecosystems on land. We can only understand how best to conserve the world’s biodiversity with an understanding of the central role of plant ecology. This theme runs throughout with numerous examples of the disruption of ecosystems by human activity emphasising the connection between plant ecology and conservation. Key Features: Boxes present case studies, important statistics and interesting asides Full-colour photos depict key species and habitats and superb line drawings illustrate many concepts Important data are presented in Tables and Figures throughout Each chapter has Key Concepts and review questions to test a reader’s grasp of the content Key References and Further Reading are given for each chapter to point the reader towards the most important and influential literature Jargon is kept to a minimum and a full Glossary of all technical terms is presented The book is aimed primarily at undergraduate and graduate students in any aspect of ecology or plant science. It should also appeal to anyone interested in how plants function and are concerned about what is needed for the conservation of the world’s ecosystems.

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