Plant Atlas 2020 : Mapping Changes in the Distribution of the British and Irish Flora (2 Volume Set)




Plant Atlas 2020 : Mapping Changes in the Distribution of the British and Irish Flora (2 Volume Set) Authors: , , , , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Princeton University Press
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An authoritative two-volume survey of the wild plants of Britain and Ireland

Plant Atlas 2020 presents the results of field surveys by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, building on past atlas surveys undertaken by the Botanical Society in the early and late twentieth century. Drawing on the work of thousands of botanists who covered the entirety of Britain and Ireland between 2000 and 2019, this two-volume book features introductory chapters that provide a detailed assessment of the changes to the region’s flora over the past hundred years. Distribution maps and accompanying text and graphics display the phenology, altitudinal range, and time-series trends for some 2,700 native, alien, and hybrid species. With more than 30 million records gathered during the project, Plant Atlas 2020 will serve as an essential resource for the study and conservation of these wild plants and their vitally important habitats for decades to come.

  • The most in-depth survey of British and Irish flora ever undertaken
  • Covers some 2,700 species, including alien and hybrid plants
  • Features a wealth of distribution maps, each one accompanied by informative text and infographics
  • A must-have reference book for botanists, field naturalists, conservation organisations, government agencies, and anyone interested in the diverse plant life of the British Isles
  • A monumental achievement decades in the making

Published in association with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland


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"Biodiversity gain is going to be fundamental in the context, the challenges that we’re facing. It outlines those challenges and it clearly states what exactly what should be done in terms of meeting those challenges head on and moving into the future."---Ken Whelan, Mooney Goes Wild, RTÉ Radio 1 "To suggest that Plant Atlas 2020 is a formidable achievement of British and Irish field botany rather undervalues it. It has left me breathless."---Peter Marren, British Wildlife Magazine "Extremely rich and valuable source of data and learning."---John Rodwell, Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland

Author Biography

P. A. Stroh is scientific officer at the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. K. J. Walker is head of science at the Botanical Society. T. A. Humphrey is database officer at the Botanical Society. O. L. Pescott is a plant ecologist and data analyst at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. R. J. Burkmar is a web developer at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

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