Physiological Bases for Maize Improvement


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Physiological Bases for Maize Improvement Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Inc Pages: 217 Language: English ISBN: 9781560229117 Categories: ,

Improve the quantity and quality of maize crops in any environment!While isolated examples of the physiological bases for genetic improvement of maize yield can be found in several papers (most of which are cited in this book), there has not, until now, been a single volume that delivers and clarifies all of the available information in this field! Today, Physiological Bases for Maize Improvement offers scientists and crop growers a thorough and concise guide to recent literature and developments about increasing the crop efficiency of corn. In Physiological Bases for Maize Improvement, international experts in the field discuss and analyze methods of effectively improving crop breeding and producing better and larger yields of corn.Physiological Bases for Maize Improvement delivers clear, thorough discussions of: improving maize grain yield potential in a cool environment improving maize grain yield potential in the tropics processes affecting maize grain yield potential in temperate conditions maize improvement for drought-limited conditions apical dominance, herbivory resistance, and competitive ability the use of simulation models for crop improvement . . . and much more! With this book, you will find ways to improve maize crops in a variety of countries and climates and understand the importance of kernel numbers and kernel growth to the overall yield. Containing current research and case studies, Physiological Bases for Maize Improvement provides you with vital strategies that will improve the quality and quantity of corn and increase plant functionality and fitness.

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