Photosynthesis: Physiology and Metabolism


Photosynthesis: Physiology and Metabolism Editors: Richard C. Leegood, Thomas D. Sharkey, Susanne von Caemmerer Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Springer Illustrations and other contents: 41 Illustrations, black and white; XIV, 625 p. 41 illus. Language: English ISBN: 9789048153862 Categories: , , , , , , , , ,

Photosynthesis: Physiology and Metabolism is the we have concentrated on the acquisition and ninth volume in theseries Advances in Photosynthesis metabolism of carbon. However, a full understanding (Series Editor, Govindjee). Several volumes in this of reactions involved in the conversion of to series have dealt with molecular and biophysical sugars requires an integrated view of metabolism. aspects of photosynthesis in the bacteria, algae and We have, therefore, commissioned international cyanobacteria, focussing largely on what have been authorities to write chapters on, for example, traditionally, though inaccurately, termed the ‘light interactionsbetween carbon and nitrogen metabolism, reactions'(Volume 1, The Molecular Biology of on respiration in photosynthetic tissues and on the Cyanobacteria;Volume2,AnoxygenicPhotosynthetic control of gene expression by metabolism. Photo- Bacteria, Volume 3, Biophysical Techniques in synthetic carbon assimilation is also one of the most Photosynthesis and Volume 7, The Molecular Biology rapid metabolic processes that occurs in plant cells, of the Chloroplasts and Mitochondria in Chlamy- and therefore has to be considered in relation to domonas). Volume 4 dealt with Oxygenic Photo- transport, whether it be the initial uptake of carbon, synthesis: The Light Reactions, and volume 5 with intracellular transport between organelles, inter- Photosynthesis and the Environment, whereas the cellular transport, as occurs in plants, or transport structure and function of lipids in photosynthesis of photosynthates through and out of the leaf. All was covered in Volume 6 of this series: Lipids in these aspects of transport are also covered in the Photosynthesis: Structure, Function and Genetics, book.

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`...this multi-author book is a "must" for anyone who is working and teaching in this field of photosynthesis. Graduate students of biology, biochemistry and agriculture will profit from the ample information given.' Journal of Plant Physiology, 157 (2000) `In summary, this volume serves very well the described purpose of providing up-to-date coverage of photosynthetic carbon assimilation. The presentations are well coordinated, and they occur in a logical sequence without significant overlap between chapters. It also is of value in indicating gaps in knowledge and the need for future work.' Plant Science, 160 (2001) `...offers a superb overview of the topics that are discussed in the book. The editors ... have done a commendable job of giving a fully integrated picture dealing with all aspects from molecular biology to ecophysiology, further, they have provided comprehensive and current overviews of physiology and metabolism of photosynthesis in higher plants, algae and cyanobacteria. Each chapter contains a wealth of information laden with illustrative sketches, diagrams and tables, and reproduction of original data. This volume ...has many attractive and novel features beginning from the cover page to the end... The editors and the contributors ... shall receive the appreciation of the large body of readers which they richly deserve for their scholarly efforts. ...magnificent publication. Prasanna Mohanty in Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, 59 (2000)