Oleoresins: Composition, Chemistry and Applications


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Oleoresins: Composition, Chemistry and Applications Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Royal Society of Chemistry Pages: 350 Illustrations and other contents: No Language: English ISBN: 9781788018807 Categories: , , , ,

Oleoresins are, in a very wide definition, plant extracts with a wide variety of potential applications and uses. From natural plant exudates, geological amber, pine, incense and myrrh resins, to extracts generally treated as resins, including capsicum, pepper and cannabis; all are very bioactive materials. The unique properties and pharmacological activities of many resins are studied globally and are under consideration as a source of new medicines. Due to their physical properties oleoresins are studied as a potential source of industrial materials. The aim of this book is to outline and discuss the chemical differences, wide ranging properties and broad biological activities present in an array of plant oleoresins.

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