Odd-nosed Monkeys: Recent Advances in the Study of the Forgotten Colobines


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Odd-nosed Monkeys: Recent Advances in the Study of the Forgotten Colobines Editors: Cyril C. Grueter, Chia L. Tan, Barth W. Wright Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer-Verlag New York Inc. Illustrations and other contents: X, 440 p. Language: English ISBN: 9781461489757 Categories: ,

An edited volume on odd-nosed monkeys (namely members of the following genera: Pygathrix, Rhinopithecus, Nasalis, and Simias), which primarily will be based on a series of presentations from a symposium and two proffered paper sessions at the 2008 Congress of International Primatological Society. Our goal is to provide multiple perspectives on this ecologically diverse group that until recently has not received much attention. A related work, “The Natural History of the Doucs and Snub-nosed Monkeys,” which covers only two of the odd-nosed monkey genera was published a decade ago. Since then, studies of odd-nosed monkeys have grown; they have augmented our knowledge of the previously unstudied and little studied species, as well as the better researched species. For this volume, we will adopt a comprehensive approach featuring the most up-to-date findings related to odd-nosed monkey biology. The major topics will include: evolution, taxonomy, comparative morphology, molecular genetics, population biology, behavior, ecology and conservation. This volume will provide a forum to consolidate existing knowledge and to generate discussion, comparison, and synthesis across odd-nosed monkey taxa and scientific disciplines. Thus, we believe that it will appeal to a wide readership, including those already interested in the subject, and scholars and students wishing to gain a deeper appreciation of odd-nosed monkey biology.

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