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Nordens flora Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Bonnier Fakta
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Nordens Flora is recognised as the standard flora for Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Spetsbergen. This large book is renowned for the exquisite detailed coloured illustrations and also has a a detailed text. Suitable for use by beginners, enthusiasts and serious botanists. The book is Illustrated by Bo Mossberg and written by Lennart Stenberg, in close collaboration with leading Nordic botanists, Descriptions cover flowering, rarity, ecology, typical habitats, the typical characteristics and variations in the appearance of stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. Up to date distribution maps included for each entry. Text is in SWedish and includes Latin names.

When this flora was first published in 1992 with the name Den Nordiska Floran, it was very successful. No similar book had previously been on the market, it was sold to all Nordic countries and became the flora to own, use and give away to both professionals and the public. Eleven years later, the flora (this time with the name Den Nya Nordiska Floran) was revised and expanded with 800 new species.

Much has happened in the world of botany, which necessitated an update, not least because of recent genetical research on the relationship between different plant families. In addition, the flora is further expanded with a number of new species (including dandelions, irises, willows and alpine species). Nordens Flora contains all known vascular plants in the Nordic region (over 3300 species).

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