Natural History Museum Atlas of Bird Migration: Tracing the Great Journeys of the World’s Birds


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Natural History Museum Atlas of Bird Migration: Tracing the Great Journeys of the World’s Birds Editor: Jonathan Elphick Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: The Natural History Museum Pages: 176 Illustrations and other contents: Colour throughout Language: English ISBN: 9780565092184 Categories: , ,

How far can birds fly? Where do they go? And why? Follow one of nature’s most enigmatic and breathtaking spectacles with the “Natural History Museum Atlas of Bird Migration”. This fascinating and comprehensive book traces the world migration routes of over 100 species. An illustrated introduction explains flight techniques, feeding, biology and navigation including the amazing results of new satellite tracking. Additional sections focus on the current environmental threats to migratory species and conservation initiatives worldwide. A supplementary catalogue details the routes of 500 additional migrant bird species. With stunning maps and artwork throughout, this authoritative and up-to-date guide will captivate amateur bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike. From cranes and cuckoos to wagtails and woodpeckers, this indispensable reference reveals the mysteries of these remarkable journeys.

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'A stunning book' John Ingham, in the Daily Express.'The wonder of migration is present on every page of this meticulously researched an authoritative reference for the general reader, it comes highly recommended.' Ben Hoare, BBC Wildlife Magazine.'Overall, the production oozes qualityA...a well explained and fairly balanced overview of our current knowledge of migration, written in an easily accessible style. At GBP20.00, this is very good value for money.' David Parkin, in British Birds Magazine'A fascinating insight into the complexities of migration.' Mary Skipwith, in The Field Magazine'Attractive, readable book...this is one of those books from which anyone - whether beginner or expert - will learn at least something.' Stephen Moss, in Birdwatch Magazine

Author Biography

General editor Jonathan Elphick is a natural history author, editor and consultant who specialises in ornithology. During a career spanning almost 40 years, he has worked on many books, including the award-winning 'Birdwatcher's Handbook' and 'Birds: The Art of Ornithology'. Dr Malcolm Ogilvie wrote the foreword to the book. He was a member of the research staff of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust for 25 years, specialising in wildfowl population and migration studies. He now works as an author and consultant and is a member of the editorial board of 'British Birds' magazine.