Mycodegradation of Lignocelluloses


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Mycodegradation of Lignocelluloses Editor: Dr Ram Naraian Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer Nature Switzerland AG Pages: 252 Illustrations and other contents: 20 Tables, color; 20 Illustrations, color; 10 Illustrations, black and white; VIII, 252 p. 30 illus., 20 illus. in color. Language: English ISBN: 9783030238339 Categories: , , , , ,

Vast amounts of lignocellulosic waste are either thrown or negligently burned, which causes post-disposal problems in the surrounding environment. Mycodegradation of such lignocelluloses is one of the important biotechnological prospects of bioconversion, for mitigation of pollution, and in addition to achieve valuable and industrially important metabolites. Fungi are the most recognizable microorganisms due to their strong and versatile machinery of lignocellulolytic enzyme biosynthesis. A vast biodiversity of fungal members have great potential to produce enzymes of many excellent applications. Most members of fungi producing different lignocellulolytic enzymes are capable of simplifying complex lignocelluloses by degrading them for their peculiar growth and consequently producing various bioactive metabolites. During the last few recent decades, continuous and fruitful studies have been conducted to utilize lignocellulosic wastes biotechnologically, in terms of their degradation and fungal bioconversion activities, to be beneficial to humans. This book covers the detailed knowledge of recent advances and developments in context to different approaches of lignocelluloses mycodegradion, using its huge diversity of fungal members and their lignocellulolytic enzymes. The purpose of this book is to make available recent findings of research and development in the field of mycodegradation and bioconversions. The table of contents of this volume was compiled to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the state-of-art and advances in research of fungal biodegradation of lignocelluloses. The chapters were written by expert scientists and professors from around the world working on the frontier of the mycodegradation. The technical and scientific content of book provides a knowledge bank to university teachers as well as to scholars, scientists, and persons in industry seeking cutting-edge information.

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Dr. Ram NaraianDepartment of Biotechnology, Faculty of SciencesVeer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, (Uttar Pradesh) India +91-9453095777