Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe Volume 3: Agarics Part 2


Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe Volume 3: Agarics Part 2 Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Geoffrey Kibby
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Pages: 208 Illustrations and other contents: over 680 species illustrated ISBN: 9780957209473 Category:

This is the third volume in Geoffrey Kibby’s excellent series on Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe. It is identical in format to volume one and volume two with species accounts being illustrated with paintings, principally to highlight important characters that are sometimes difficult to ascertain from a photograph. The book is also unique in illustrating microscopic features next to each painting.

Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe Volume 3  forms part of a now proposed 4 volume series on Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe, and is the second volume to deal with the gilled fungi, the agarics.  All the volumes include both common as well as rare and occasionally found examples, with a bias to including those not found in other field guides or new to science. As Geoffrey himself recommends, the books also work well used in conjunction with complementary reference works that have good keys, such as Fungi of Temperate Europe and Fung Nordica (currently out of print)

Families covered in volume 3: Agaricaceae (continued from volume 1), Psathyrellaceae, Mythicomycetaceae, Galeropsidaceae, Strophariaceae, Hymenogastraceae and Cortinariaceae

With many thousands of just the larger basidiomycetes in Britain alone to choose from, it has become obvious that to include a good representation of species, as in the previous volumes, a fourth volume would be needed. Volume 4 will allow completion of something like 98% of those gilled fungi known to date. This final volume will also include an addendum of species added to the British list since the publication of the first three volumes.

Families to be covered in volume 4: Bolbitaceae, Crepidotaceae, Inocybaceae, Tubariaceae, Macrocystidiaceae and Entolomataceae

Contents of volume 3

Using this book     iii
Families and Genera     iv
Preface & Acknowledgements      v
The Structures of Gilled Fungi     vi
Stem Shapes     vi
Common Cap Shapes     vi
Gill Attachments     vii
Spore Shapes and Ornamentation     vii
Cystidia     viii
Cap Cuticles     viii
Some Common Colour Terms in Fungi     ix
Glossary     x
Further Reading     xii
Checklist of Trees and Shrubs     xiv
Keys to major groups of gilled fungi     xv
Illustrations and descriptions of species     pages 1–173
Agaricaceae     2
Psathyrellaceae     14
Mythicomycetaceae     50
Galeropsidaceae     52
Strophariaceae     54
Hymenogastraceae     70
Cortinariaceae     100
Index     174
Index of Genera in Volumes 1–3      180

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