Mollecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Reproduction – Paperback


Mollecular and Cellular Aspects of Plant Reproduction – Paperback Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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Molecular biology techniques have considerably increased our understanding of mechanisms underlying the control of flower initiation, development, function and senescence, processes which can be critically important in managing the yield of agricultural crops. The book covers the molecular and genetic control of flower morphogenesis in particular species and discusses the role and regulation of gene expression in the development, together with action of the male and female gametes in plant reproduction. The considerable variation in longevity of flowers and pattern of senescence are reviewed. The importance of ethylene in the control mechanism is discussed using examples of both ethylene-sensitive and insensitive species. The book will be vital to those researching floral physiology, and a useful reference for undergraduates studying relevant botanical courses.

Re-issue, originally published in 1994.

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'... amongst scientific snapshots, it is a collectors' piece.' Hugh Dickinson, British Society for Development Biology