Megatrends in Food and Agriculture: Technology, Water Use and Nutrition


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Megatrends in Food and Agriculture: Technology, Water Use and Nutrition Authors: , , , , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: John Wiley & Sons Inc Pages: 336 Language: English ISBN: 9781119391142 Categories: , , , ,

Highlights and examines the growing convergence between the food and agricultural industries–the technological, environmental, and consumer-related drivers of this change, and the potential outcomes This is the first book of its kind to connect food and the food industry with agriculture, water resources, and water management in a detailed and thorough way. It brings together a small community of expert authors to address the future of the food industry, agriculture (both for plants and animals), and water–and its role in a world of increasing demands on resources. The book begins by highlighting the role of agriculture in today’s food industry from a historical perspective–showing how it has grown over the years. It goes on to examine water management; new ways of plant breeding not only based on genetic modification pathways; and the attention between major crops (soy, corn, wheat) and so-called “orphan crops” (coffee, cocoa, tropical fruits). The book then turns towards the future of the food industry and analyzes major food trends, the new food, and “enough” food; discusses possible new business models for the future food industry; and analyzes the impact that the “internet of everything” will have on agriculture and the food industry. Finally, Megatrends in Food and Agriculture: Technology, Water Use and Nutrition offers scenarios about how agriculture, food, and the food industry might undergo some radical transformations. Assesses the evolution of food production and how we arrived at today’s landscape Focuses on key areas of change, driven by both innovation and challenges such as new technologies, the demand for better nutrition, and the management of dwindling resources Highlights the role of better-informed consumers who demand transparency and accountability from producers Is written by industry insiders and academic experts Megatrends in Food and Agriculture: Technology, Water Use and Nutrition is an important resource for food and agriculture industry professionals, including scientists and technicians as well as decision makers, in management, marketing, sales, and regulatory areas, as well as related NGOs.

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Author Biography

HELMUT TRAITLER, "Senior Innovation Connector" for Swissnex San Francisco, California, United States. MICHEL DUBOIS, UniLaSalle, Beauvais, France. KEITH HEIKES, Chief Executive Officer, Cooperative Resources International, Wisconsin, United States. VINCENT PETIARD, Founder of Plant Sciences and Technology Corporate R&D at Nestle, France. DAVID ZILBERMAN, Professor who holds the Robinson Chair in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California at Berkeley, United States.