Make Your Own Bat Detector Kit & Manual


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Make Your Own Bat Detector Kit & Manual Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Franzis Verlag GmBH ISBN: 9783645652766 Categories: ,

About the Bat Detector
Who says you can’t hear the sound of bats? With the proper technical utilities, you can hear them – and much more! Build your own high-quality ultrasonic detector and experience these sounds for yourself! This assembly kit makes it an easy and fool-proof process: The printed circuit board is already fit with many SMD components. All there is to do is soldering in a few parts and connecting the circuit board with the microphone, the loudspeaker and the control elements. Up-to-date integrated circuits provide for high sensitivity and volume. Once you have assembled the bat detector, you can go exploring: With the completed detector, you can turn the ultrasonic calls of bats into audible sounds. You can trace these fascinating flight artists in the dark to the places where they hunt for insects unnoticed. Not only bats, but also a host of technical devices emit ultrasonic sounds. You will be surprised how many inaudible acoustical sources surround us! Boost your ears: 20 kHz is not enough! Not suitable for children under 14.
In addition, you will need: Soldering Iron (for the assembly), 9 V battery for up to 25 hours observation time.

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