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Low-Carbon Birding Author: Format: Audio First Published: Published By: Pelagic Publishing
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Birdwatching in Britain has grown increasingly dependent on burning fossil fuels. Regularly driving long distances to birding hotspots and frequent flying to see exotic species are seen as perfectly normal. In the face of the climate crisis, however, a growing number of birders are reassessing the way they enjoy and study birds. In this timely book, 30 contributors-from young birdwatchers to professional ornithologists-explain why and how they are shifting to climate-friendlier approaches. Low-carbon birding, they argue, is a legitimate and valuable way of enjoying birds. Furthermore, in itself this can bring many joys, some of them unexpected. From first encounters with hawfinches to focusing in on birdsong, from the Kalahari to the Hebrides, the stories told here are not about heroic efforts to save the planet. They are simply accounts of everyday humanity in unprecedented times-ordinary people with doubts and concerns about how to live a decent life and act responsibly in a rapidly warming world. The authenticity of their voices is a testament to the moment of awakening to the climate crisis in British ornithology. Above all, Low-Carbon Birding is an urgent call for birders to leave a better legacy in the skies and across the living world.

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The title does not shy away from the harsh reality of climate change and the challenges faced; there is a sense of urgency with the topics addressed in this book. But there is not a sense of despair. Within its 31 chapters, there can be few people who won't find something positive to inspire them in their birding - and their life in general. -- British Birds Vol. 115, Issue 12 This is a welcome book, dealing, as it does, with an important issue for those of us who are birders...Things are certainly changing and I am confident that they will change ever more quickly, and this book is an important contribution to that change. -- Mark Avery, author and environmental campaigner This book, for the most part gently, encourages us to look at all we do and find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, especially when it comes to indulging our avian pleasures. There is much here to enjoy, follow and learn from. -- Bo Beolens, Fatbirder ...this is an excellent book - controversial, engaging and deserving of the widest possible readership. -- James Wright, RSPB Book Club review The book is a collection of essays from a variety of writers, many of whom will be familiar to Birdwatch readers...they represent what people 'on the ground' are doing to lessen their own carbon footprint and by doing so give us all workable ideas for doing the same. -- Rebecca Armstrong, Birdwatch The book makes an interesting and thought-provoking read -- John Miles, birdwatching.co.uk If ever there was a book for our time, this is it. Javier Caletrio has called out the practice of fossil-fuelled, high mileage birding for what it is; a gross hypocrisy...The fact is, the birds we travel to see won't be there unless we act now. Read this book, and then talk to your friends about the issues it so eloquently raises. -- Simon Bates, British Ecological Society ...engaging, fast-paced and informative. Each of the chapters is absorbing in its own way, and some could almost provide synopses for new standalone titles in their own right. A word, too, for the simple but enchanting cover illustration by Gary Redford and for Pelagic Publishing's insistence on highest production standard for this 250-page hardback which, unusually, was printed in England. -- Amazon reviewer With so many contributors sharing their real stories of transformation, Low-Carbon Birding is a thought-provoking read for anyone interested in reducing their carbon emissions. -- Jenny McKee, Audubon Low-Carbon Birding is a joy to read....take a few hours to read this amazing book and make 2023 the year of reinventing your way of birding. -- Vincent Stork, Dutch Birding There is no doubt that Low-Carbon Birding will have a substantial impact on the world of ornithology. -- British Trust for Ornithology It belongs on the bookshelf - or better yet, in the bicycle bag - of all birders, whether they are already low-carbon birders themselves or are just beginning to explore this perspective. -- Jans Daniels-Trautner, Der Falke ...what does it mean to be a birder in the age of extinction? What is a life list worth in the face of a climate crisis? Can conservation and travel coincide? Enter Low-Carbon Birding, edited by Javier Caletrio. This collection of over 30 essays by a slate of concerned writers bluntly, yet elegantly, answers these questions and provides a blueprint for how birding can evolve to protect the species we have left. -- Rebecca Minardi, American Birding Association A timely reminder to us all... these essays show how increasing numbers of birders are shifting their approach to one that is low in carbon but high in reward. -- Mike Toms, BTO News This book opens a new perspective for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint, who no longer want to be in a permanent race and who can thus combine physical exercise and passion! -- Philippe J. Dubois, Ornithos

Author Biography

Javier Caletrio (editor) is a birdwatcher and researcher on sustainability transitions and public perceptions of environmental change. Other contributors include individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, from seasoned patch birders to novices enjoying the freedom afforded by cycling and the pleasures of train travel.