Lichen Identifier: A multi-access key to the lichens of GB & Ireland. CD-ROM version 3 (2007).


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Lichen Identifier: A multi-access key to the lichens of GB & Ireland. CD-ROM version 3 (2007). Author: Format: CD First Published: Published By: Frank Dobson
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A simple to use multi-access key in CD-ROM format, that enables the user to find the species name and characteristics of any British or Irish lichen. The CD comes with a manual. A pdf version of the manual is also on the CD.

The identifier is divided into field and microscopical characters and any information available may be entered in any order to obtain a solution. With the majority of species, a few characters, noted in the field, are sufficient to identify the species. A brief note on each species further assists separation of similar species.

This multi-access computer key was originally based on The Lichen Flora of Great Britain and Ireland by O.W. Purvis et al (1992). It includes every species mentioned in that book plus many that have been more recently described or added to the British list. The nomenclature agrees with the most recent version of the BLS checklist.

It can therefore be used to identify any of the lichens contained in the above Flora. In addition, it includes many species that have been added to the British and Irish lists since that time.

Improvements in Version 3 of Lichen-Identifier include: Completely revised data, where possible, using the completed sections of the new Flora, plus many recently described species. The conservation evaluation from A Conservation Evaluation of British Lichens by R.G. Woods & B.J. Coppins is given for each species. Over 750 colour photographs of improved quality and with a scale added to each one. Every distribution map has been updated and include now maps of lichenicolous fungi although these are not part of the actual key.

Lichen-Identifier will run on a PC with a 486 DX or later processor running Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, XP or Vista. A version is not available to run on a Apple Mac except under PC emulation or ‘Boot Camp’. At least 32 MB of RAM are required to run the programme satisfactorily and the programmep lus data files need 200MB of hard-disk space. Please note that this program includes a DataPower 2 reader which will run on a stand alone computer but not on a workstation in a networked system. If you are using a server system, a site licence for DataPower 2 is required. Please contact us for details.

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