Lichen Biology


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Lichens are symbiotic organisms in which fungi and algae and/or cyanobacteria form an intimate biological union. This diverse group is found in almost all terrestrial habitats from the tropics to polar regions. Recent developments in the studies of these fascinating organisms have been incorporated in this expanded second edition. The areas covered include lichen genetics and sexual reproduction, stress physiology and symbiosis, and the carbon economy and environmental role of lichens. The text has been updated, covering a wider range of information, covering anatomical, morphological and developmental aspects; the contribution of the unique secondary metabolites produced by lichens to medicine and the pharmaceutical industry; patterns of lichen photosynthesis and respiration in relation to different environmental conditions; the role of lichens in nitrogen fixation and mineral cycling; and the use of lichens as indicators of air pollution. Useful appendix on lichen culturing. This book is ideal for researchers, students as well as being a useful reference book for amateur and professional lichenologists.

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From a review of the first edition: '… provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the fascinating world of lichens … a well written book with information presented in a way that is easy to grasp … has the potential to fulfill the author's intention not only to attract lichenologists, but also students and scientists in related fields.' S. Dietz, Journal of Experimental Botany '… an extremely detailed review of current knowledge … a new dimension to study.' British Ecological Society TEG News 'I have no reservations in recommending it.' David L. Hawksworth, Trends in Plant Science '… research workers and university teachers … will find it a valuable and up-to-date resource.' P. D. Crittenden, Journal of Applied Phycology '… an excellent book.' D. C. Smith, Journal of New Phytology 'Nobody has done more than Thomas Nash, III to demonstrate that lichens are living, breathing creatures … A review volume of this sort is both a challenge and a credit to its editor'. S. Hammer, Trends in Microbiology 'This book is learned in style and is avowedly aimed at the specialist, whether amateur or professional. I would add that it should be an essential reference for serious students, project researchers, and teachers of lichenology, It is a very timely an up-to-date summary of the state of lichenological studies.' Lichen Biology 'This new edition is most welcome … a work all mycological (including lichenological) libraries should have available for consultation on their shelves.' Mycological Research