Ultraviolet LED Triplet Hand Lens 20x21mm


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The Ultraviolet LED Triplet Hand Lens houses genuine triplet optics for excellent viewing clarity with minimal distortion. The optical lenses produce x20 magnification with a viewing diameter of 21mm. The 3 separate layers of glass contain both aplantic and achromatic pieces of glass to correct for spherical distortion and colour quality.

The major feature of this particular lens however are the built in Ultraviolet LED lights which emit ultraviolet light at long wave length, near 360 – 400nm which highlights the majority of fluorescent minerals including: Fluorite, Calcite, Tufa, Witherite and many more. Some lichens will also fluoresce.

This hand lens also has a built in standard LED light as well to highlight hand specimens and samples if you are viewing them in poorly lit areas or need extra clarity. A simple trigger on the lens allows you to easily switch between the UV lights or the LED light.

Comes complete with 3 (AG7 LR927 LR57) cell batteries.
Replacements are available.

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