Lakes of Africa: Microbial Diversity and Sustainability


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Lakes of Africa: Microbial Diversity and Sustainability Editors: Mostafa El-Sheekh, Hosam Easa Elsaied Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
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Lakes of Africa: Microbial Diversity and Sustainability consists of 17 Chapters, forming four sections, which cover microbial ecosystems inhabiting African lakes. The first section includes background chapters, describing the history and formation of African lakes. The second section includes chapters that describe how environmental stressors, including seasonal variations, climate changes and anthropogenic activities affect microbial ecosystem dynamics in African lakes and the microbial responses to these stressors. The third section includes chapters that deal with exploring and evaluating of extremophiles in desert and harsh African lakes, and how to benefit from these microbes in the term of industrial biotechnology. Finally, the fourth section concludes by highlighting challenges facing the microbial ecology in African lakes and designing of models for solving these problems and prediction of the future of Lake microbial ecosystem succession and sustainability. Lakes of Africa covers all investigations and questions concerning challenges facing sustainability of ecosystems in African lakes. It is written for students and researchers in the fields of aquatic ecology and microbiology.

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Author Biography

Mostafa El-Sheekh is Professor of Phycology at Tanta University, Egypt. He has nearly 35 years of experience in the research and teaching in the field of algae, microbiology and its applications. Dr. El-Sheekh served as the Dean and Vice Dean Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Egypt and Cultural counselor in Egyptian Embassy in Yemen and Uzbekistan. He holds a Ph.D. in Phycology from Tanta University and Goettingen University, Germany as Chanel System fellowship. He is the recipient of fellowships in Hungary, India, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Japan. He is the author of more than 160 papers and, 7 book chapters, and 2 books. He also serves as editorial member and reviewer for more than 60 peer reviewed journals. He has published many papers on the production of biodiesel, ethanol and hydrogen from algae. He has also 2 book chapters on biodiesel production from microalgae and one book on renewable energy. Professor Elsaied is the chair of Genetics and Genetic Engineering department at National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, NIOF, Egypt. Dr Elsaied has developed a patent of gene screening system for collection of microbial adaptive genes to several aquatic environmental stresses such as pollution, etc. In 2015-2018 Dr Elsaied had a project from Egypt Science and Technology Developing Fund, STDF, for mass production of genetically engineered planktons, useful for several industrial applications. Currently, Dr Elsaied is preparing the Blue Gene Bank of Egypt, BGBE, for genome analyses and germplasm preservation of Egyptian aquatic biota. Dr Elsaied has published in numerous journals,he participated in more than 50 conferences, and co-authored two books. He is among editorial board members of several journals, such as Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, EJAR, a member of International Society of Marine Biotechnology, International society of aquaculture.