Instrumentation and Measurement Technologies for Water Cycle Management


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Instrumentation and Measurement Technologies for Water Cycle Management Editors: Anna Di Mauro, Andrea Scozzari, Francesco Soldovieri Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer International Publishing AG
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This book aims at presenting a unified framework for the description of working principles, recent advances and applications of cutting-edge measurement technologies for the water sector. Instrumentation and measurement technologies are currently playing a key role in the monitoring, assessment and protection of environmental resources. Measurement techniques and sensing methods for the observation of water systems are rapidly evolving and are requiring an increased multi-disciplinary participation. The whole water sector is characterised by multiple technological contexts concerning the monitoring of the resource, given the broad coverage that includes water from its natural domains to the men-made infrastructures. In particular, instrumentation and measurement technologies have a pervasive presence in all the necessary aspects for the assessment, monitoring and control of the water resource and of its relationship with the various environmental stressors, including the anthropic pressures. Therefore, the book aims at presenting how the diagnostics/monitoring methodologies and the related technologies can give an answer to the issues raised by the complex scenario characterising the water cycle management (WCM). The book is structured in five topical sections, grouped by similarity of their technological and/or applicative contexts.

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Author Biography

Anna Di Mauro expertise is related to urban water demand modelling and management, digital water, hydroinformatics, data modelling and analysis of water big data, and innovative techniques and sensing solution to water monitoring at household and end-use levels. She obtained a PhD in Environment, Design and Innovation. Since 2010, she is a shareholder and founder of an academic spin-off Med.Hydro s.r.l. (Coastal and Hydraulic Engineering and Research). Anna Di Mauro has been Responsible for the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP) Action Group CTRL+SWAN (Cloud Technologies & ReaL time monitoring + Smart WAter Network) (April 2014 to January 2021). From 2021, started her activities as technical responsible for the Water Europe Working Group WATER SEnsors & Tools (WATERSET). Andrea Scozzari expertise is in the field of data and signal processing for the observation of the environment. He's been co-organiser and committee member of various water-related events in the MENA region, the most relevant output being the book "Water Security in the Mediterranean Region" published by Springer (2011). He holds University Master courses in the environmental remote sensing sector, and has been member of the PhD board in "Remote Sensing" at the University of Pisa (Italy) for six years. Francesco Soldovieri is expert in radar imaging and integration with other diagnostics/sensing techniques of interest in environmental monitoring and protection. At present, Francesco Soldovieri is the president of the Division on "Geosciences Instrumentation and Data Systems (GI)" of European Geosciences Union (EGU). He has been Editor of the book "Sensing the Past" edited by Springer (2017). He has h-index 46 on Google Scholar.