Indoor Air Pollution


Indoor Air Pollution Authors: , , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Imperial College Press Pages: 400 Language: English ISBN: 9781848164932 Categories: ,

The importance of indoor air pollution is increasingly being recognised amongst scientists and policy-makers alike. This book brings together prominent authors in the field of indoor air pollution to provide an authoritative treatise on why indoor air is important and how it can have significant impacts on human health in both developed and developing countries. It comprehensively deals with exposure to and control of indoor pollution, both ‘man-made’ and ‘biological’, and includes chapters on indoor chemistry and on key individual pollutants such as environmental tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide and radon. In summary, this comprehensive volume includes contributions from eminent scientists and policy makers working in the field of indoor air quality; summarizes key research findings in an easily digestible form that allows clear understanding of the nature of indoor air pollution, the key constituent pollutants and their health impacts, and how exposure occurs and how it can be controlled.

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