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he lives and activities of seabirds as you’ve never seen them beforeSeabirds evoke the spirit of the earth’s wildest places. They spend large portions of their lives at sea, often far from land, and nest on beautiful and remote islands that humans rarely visit. Thanks to the development of increasingly sophisticated and miniaturized devices that can track their every movement and behavior, it is now possible to observe the mysterious lives of these remarkable creatures as never before.

This beautifully illustrated book takes you on a breathtaking journey around the globe to reveal where these birds actually go when they roam the sea, the tactics they employ to traverse vast tracts of ocean, the strategies they use to evade threats, and more.Michael Brooke has visited every corner of the world in his lifelong pursuit of seabirds. Here, he draws on his own experiences and insights as well as the latest cutting-edge science to shed light on the elusive seafaring lives of albatrosses, frigatebirds, cormorants, and other ocean wanderers. Where do puffins go in the winter? How deep do penguins dive? From how far away can an albatross spot a fishing vessel worth following for its next meal? Brooke addresses these and other questions in this delightful book.

Along the way, he reveals that seabirds are not the aimless wind-tossed creatures they may appear to be and explains the observational innovations that are driving this exciting area of research.Featuring illustrations by renowned artist Bruce Pearson and packed with intriguing facts, Far from Land provides an extraordinary up-close look at the activities of seabirds.

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"One of the British Trust for Ornithology's Best Bird Books of 2018" "A brilliant global overview of seabird behaviour."---Kenny Taylor, BBC Wildlife "His tour of the ecological highlights is gripping in scope and in granular detail gleaned from observations of puffins, penguins, fulmars and more."---Barbara Kiser, Nature "This is a celebration of nature writing, scientific research and the wonder of birds, large and small, that glide, flap and flutter across the world’s oceans."---Tim Birkhead, Times Literary Supplement "Brooke’s storytelling skills are first rate, and artist Bruce Pearson’s illustrations only further the mesmerizing quality of this project." * Foreword Reviews * "[Brooke] shares his encyclopedic knowledge with dry wit and fine attention to detail in this absorbing book. . . . His enthusiasm is so infectious that Far from Land is bound to hatch some much-needed new devotees."---Adrian Barnett, New Scientist "If you thought you knew all about seabirds, then think again. This book is absolutely packed with new information."---John Miles, Bird Watching Magazine "Written with passion and knowledge in equal doses. It is beautifully written, immediately captures interest, is erudite, avoids jargon, and is entertaining with a fair peppering of humour. . . . I cannot think of one good reason why any seabirder – field birders and researchers alike – would want to skip this book. Buy it."---Bob Flood, Birdwatch Magazine "[A] marvellous new study."---John Burnside, New Statesman "A thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating survey of the world of seabirds – made all the more enjoyable by Bruce Pearson’s lovely pen-and-wash illustrations."---Nigel Andrew, Literary Review "The most up-to-date picture of how seabirds behave when we aren’t watching. . . . Beautifully written."---Joe Culley, Irish Times "In a very approachable and often dazzling book, Michael Brooke blends the seemingly incompatible worlds of romance and science. The book almost reads like a collection of fairy tales, stories from lands far away of almost-mythical creatures."---Mihai Andrei, ZME Science "As an all-encompassing look at the lives of all sort of seabirds, this book would be hard to beat . . . a must-have book for anyone with an interest in the most mysterious of all birds."---Matt Merritt, Bird Watching Magazine "Michael Brooke has drawn on his knowledge of current science to give a timely summary of research so far and a brilliant global overview of seabird behaviour."---Kenny Taylor, BBC Wildlife Magazine "To read it is like encountering a new and unknown blue planet for the first time. . . . How much better to live now when the world of seabirds, even far from land, is chronicled in such magnificent detail by scientists such as Brooke."---Matt Ridley, The Times "A magical tour of every ocean and some of the remotest locations on the planet through the lives of seabirds. . . . The potential for future discoveries as technologies advance is truly exciting and I cannot wait for the sequel to this book in 20 years’ time."---Ruth Walker, British Trust for Ornithology "Michael Brooke’s book, Far From Land, provides an entertaining and highly digestible account of what we have learnt from the past three decades of seabird tracking research, and what we have learnt is nothing short of staggering. . . . It is well written, tripping along at a nice pace, and should keep anyone with an interest in marine biology or ornithology entertained."---Stephen Votier, Current Biology Magazine "An impressive global overview of impressive modern research into what proves to be even more impressive seabirds. . . . Altogether a well-written, finely illustrated, instructively mapped book."---Richard Sherley, Seabird "This is a relatively slim volume, but one that is absolutely packed with information and all conveyed in an engaging and often witty style."---Andrew Bielinski, Scottish Birds "The book is written with wit (e.g., quoting from a scientific presentation given in rap) and real insight, helped by the fact that the author himself is a field ornithologist and understands how much time and effort goes into work that may end up summarized in a sentence in the book. This is a book that all ornithologists should read, but it will also inspire marine biologists, seafarers, and all who travel the seas into deepened respect for the seabirds with which they share the oceans. "---Michael Scott, Conservation Biology